Stef Pasternak CH

Thursday 28.02

Born on the shores of Lake Leman many moons ago, Stef Pasternak was seduced by the haunting muse of 'music' at a very tender age.

At first through the mad, frenetic folk music of his father and his father’s collective. Then, aged five, he took to the drums by himself. Years of wandering between classic rock, death metal, soft alternative rock, trip hop and a return to rock before he landed back where he started ... folk, but a new stream of folk music, indie alternative folk. Along the way, he learned some tricks on the guitar and he even crooned some songs, written at home, into a microphone.

People often ask him, "Stef, describe your music" and he answers "A touch of earthy folk, with a sip of sensual jazz, mixed in a glass of pop music. Words written with meaning against melodies which take you to an electronic world of organic, eclectic acoustics. A mixture of new with a good dose of the old".


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