Slum Village USA

Friday 01.03
Salle Communale

Slum Village is an American rap band from Conant Gardens in Detroit. Motor City heroes Slum Village have been established as a legit brand in Hip Hop for two decades, and despite all of their trials and tribulations they have continued to stay true to their classic, high quality sound and flow.

They signed their first record deal in 1998 with the now defunct Barak/A&M records. Due to internal politics with the label, the group was forced to release their 2000 album Best Kept Secret under the alias "J-88". Best Kept Secret featured remixes and leftover material from the heavily boot-legged Fantastic, Vol. 1. That same year Fantastic, Vol. 2 was released on GoodVibe Recordings, which featured appearances from Busta Rhymes, Common, D'Angelo, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock, Kurupt, and Q-Tip. Then in 2015 they made their mark. Never leaving their roots, Slum Village gave us their very best EP yet in "YES”. Be sure to head over to Les Hivernales to check them out. You won’t be disappointed !

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