The Festival

The Committee

Jay Reuter – president

Jean- Christophe Buob – programmation

Marc Spälti – finance & treasury

Frédérique Hofmann – communication & marketing

Alain Galois – coordination logistic

Alain Reuge – association

Tricol’euses - Knitt'ers

Winter is here once again, and there is no reason to be cold ! Even more agile with their hands, the Trico’leuses (Knitt’ers) from the association Unyon NordEst are preparing an ever growing assortment of woolly hats, scarves, mittens and all sorts of other warm accessories. Something for everyone. Takings from the sales allow both asscoiations to develop this intergenerational project as well as their other, individuel activities.


The Pro-Jet is an association, active since 15 years, helping out teenagers being reinserted socially and professionally. During the festival, they are active in the construction department, decoration department and help out with the catering department. They contribute to the smooth running of the festival.