Les - Hivernales - festival - Nyon - FROM 23 TO 26 FEB. 2017


Blitz the Ambassador (Ghana)

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Born in Ghana in 1982 Blitz the Ambassador grew an obsession for hip-hop music while still at school and won an award for “Best new artist” at the 2000 Ghana Music Awards. He moved to Ohio, USA in 2001 to study. This Ghanaian-American hip-hop and visual artist, is now based in Brooklyn, New York where he has his own label, Embassy MVMT. He takes you to a place where hip-hop mixes with the sounds of Africa, conjuring up afro-beat, funk, groove, hip-hop and even samba. Accompanied by a brass section, he is able to add his flow to festive afro melodies for a bombardment of warm, colorful notes. No need for your passport or jetlag, Blitz the Ambassador will bring it all right to your door.