Les - Hivernales - festival - Nyon - FROM 23 TO 26 FEB. 2017


Ngoc Lan (CH)

  • L’After ! 01:00

From the choirs of Harlem where she sings gospel, to Vietnam where she gets her origins and Switzerland where she was born, Ngoc Lan is a colorful, multi-facetted DJ. Although hip-hop and house are her passion, her sets, where she mixes with old school vinyl, also include a red carpet of 80’s soul, post-dubstep and funk. Having played at Montreux Jazz, Festi Neuch and Downton Boogie, she will be paying a visit to Les Hivernales where she is set to have you on the dance floor until late into the night.
The beginning of the evening will be covered by resident DJ Testa M, from 23h00.

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