The world-renowned French Dj joins the 10th edition of Les Hivernales Festival for its 2019 edition. A nice present made to the faithful audience of the festival for all these years.

Kavinsky perfectly completes the evening of Thursday, February 28 at the Salle Communale with Clément Bazin and the Fine Team.

Kavinsky, alias Vincent Belorgey, is one of the best French djs and composer, known in the electro scene since the beginning of the 2000s. He has made an international reputation thanks to his exceptional EP “Nightcall”, of which the title was made famous thanks to the soundtrack of the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling. The electro artist has reached the 10th place of the best sales in France thanks to this piece today emblematic.

It is his long-time friend, who is none other than Mr Oizo (Quentin Dupieux for the intimate), who will give him a taste for this particular and striking music that is electro. Neither one nor two, after a few first parties of big headliners, including the legendary Daft Punk, here Kavinsky seizes France and its neighboring countries with “Nightcall”. The adventure begins for good. His tube will install radically in the heights of electro made in France.

The electro artist arrives at Les Hivernales to tread the stage of the Salle Communale, with several iconic titles under his arm.

We are proud to be able to count on this artist of this quality to open the first evening of its tenth edition and is delighted to see his audience furious to the sounds of Kavinsky!