Les Hivernales Festival will indeed take place this year, from February 24th to 27th , 2022. However, as the global pandemic is still in the news, we must respect the sanitary measures imposed by the Confederation, for you, for us, for everyone. Therefore, Les Hivernales committee has decided to impose 2G+, so spectators can enjoy each concert as much as possible, almost as if nothing happened.

Please note that a test center will be set up during the festival at the Village entrance rue des Marchandises, so everyone can come and test themselves FREE OF CHARGE before going to the Hivernales. Hopefully you will be in a positive mood with a negative COVID-19 test.

The partner venues will also be under the 2G+ rule, except for restaurants which will require the 2G.

As a reminder, 2G+ is equivalent to :
Vaccinated + tested
Cured + tested
Vaccinated or cured less than 4 months ago at the time of the festival

For more information: https://bit.ly/3AdELRZ