There it is, the first name revealed for Les Hivernales Festival 12th edition. The furious and hectic French band [no one is innocent] will perform on Les Hivernales’ Nyon stage on Thursday, February 24th, 2022, at the salle communale.

Since their album Propaganda, described by critics as the 2015 rock slap, [no one is innocent] have been raising the roof. With their new album ‘Ennemis’, released in October 2021, the band remains true to its DNA with a future-proof formula: relentless riffs, groove, embodied anthems.

It was in 1992, listening to Rage against The Machine that Kemar, the French band leader, found the direction of the musical universe he wanted to inject into his music. The Parisians’ songs are inhabited, either of rage, humanism or simply fervor. The lyrics are resolutely committed to societal themes that allow everyone to feel concerned by their music. With a thirty-years career and ten albums, the Parisians are not newcomers. Amongst their track record, [no one is innocent] can boast of having opened shows for the renowned Motörhead (2011, tour in France), the unmissable AC/DC (2015, Stade de France) and Les Insus, better known as Téléphone (2017, Stade de France).

Real phenomenon on stage, Kemar (vocals), Shanka (guitar), Popy (guitar), Bertrand Dessoliers (bass) and Gaël Chausson (drums) are said to transform the atmosphere and move people with both their energy and message. A formula making them lead French angry rock restricted circle. No One, it’s here and now.

The full line-up will be unveiled on December 1st, 2021. Stay tuned.