February 28, 2020

Salle communale – 23:00

Rap français, FR

Davodka started rapping in the early 2000s, influenced by rap artists of the XVII arrondissment in Paris where he grew up. He started his career with “Paris Pole Nord” that merged with “Mentalités Sons Dangereux” in 2007. He is now a key figure among conscious rap artists, with a flow that goes from calm and composed to fast and hectic like water under pressure. When you add to this many hard-hitting punchlines, you get an artist acclaimed for his skill in the art of rapping. He also composes most of his tracks. In 2014, he releases “L’art Tisant”, then in 2015 a personal project called “La mise au poing” and a third album “Accusé de Réflexion” in 2017. In the case of “Accusé de Réflexion”, the artist left the common beaten tracks and changed the standards. Moving on from the usual themes of social injustice and addictions, he now tackles politics, youth and even himself. He overwhelmingly describes his reality rapping about his past, his vices and his position in the rap scene.

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