February 28, 2020

Cactus Jack – 22:00

John Dear
Rock, CH

John Dear is back, rock is out of fashion and the planet is still spinning and slightly. Let’s be more specific: in 2019, Donald Trump is still president of the United States and John Dear is a guru. That’s just how things are now. Nothing’s right, nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine, nothing matters. Anything’s possible. Truth is just a memory and lucidity an option. In this immense anything, it is better to allow yourself to be anyone you want to be. Believe it, at full volume. To spread this good word, Alma June and John W. Dear (Catia Bellini, Guillaume Wuhrmann) have decided to feed the smoking convictions of a spiritual guide to the fooled imagination. A guru in dirty underpants, a mystic dandy, a decadent loser. A provider of tomorrow’s tomorrow. A shady redeemer. A punk in a toga. A dealer of adulterated dreams. A drugstore cowboy.

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