February 28, 2020

Salle Communale – 00:30

Lord Esperanza
Rap / Pop Urbaine, FR

At only 22, Lord Esperanza makes sure he has the experience to keep his word precise. Having a rich cultural heritage, the artist makes us travel from introspection, to the alter-globalization revolution and even adds in a few touches of egocentricity. There is of course a consequence to this: his discography is already very rich (two EPs as solo artist, two EPs with Lux, a twelve-track album with Nelick called “Acid Rose Garden”, a sixteen-track project called “Polaroid” and another EP called “Internet”)! In 2018, he released a new title named “Le temps des graviers” and 2019 was a year of renewal as he has just released “Drapeau-Blanc” his first album entirely produced by Majeur-Mineur his brother from another mother.

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