February 29, 2020

Salle Communale – 00:45

Mix Master Mike
Hip Hop, USA

The legendary and talented Dj of the Beastie Boys arrives in Nyon! Also known as Mix Master Mike, the American Dj brings pride to our programming.
Nicknamed « the greatest DJ in the world » by USA today, Mix Master Mike being both a DJ and a prized producer has managed to keep his position as an influential musician and has now become a well know name. His dexterous and punchy scratching naturally awarded him a place in the hall of fame of hip hop and DJ pioneers. Already a Grammy Award winner, Mix Master Mike has many victories under his belt such as consecutive victories at the DMC World DJ Championships, a victory as DJ at the New Music Seminar in 1992 (he was the first DJ from the West Coast to obtain this world title) and inducted into the Rock n roll Hall of fame in 2012 with the Beastie Boys. Since his beginnings, Mix Master Mike has been seeking new ways of creating sounds, challenging his production while remaining exciting for his fans of all ages.

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