February 28, 2020

Le Saint-Jean – 21:30

Pop – Soul, C

Tawara travels to play music and plays music to travel. His journey has been the key to his songwriting for over 10 years. Always accompanied by his guitar and his cajon which he plays in his unique way and giving him such a distinctive beat. He calms the stressed and offers a moment to stop, listen and think. After touring extensively in Europe, the United States and Costa Rica followed by 5 month as a metro musician in Paris, Tawara returned to the studio to produce his album “Slip Back” in 2015. On the latest piece “Horizon” (2018) Tawara embeds his raw street sounds in a smooth acoustic ambient. The sounds sparkle like free champagne for the soul at the seaside while Tawara’s laid-back vocals float in the sunshine.

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