February 29, 2020

Ambrozie – 21:00

Your Fault
Dark Folk, CH

Born from long velvet evenings, fingers stroking both piano and computer, Julie Hugo (ex singer from Solange La Frange) wrote the music for the whole band… alone. Each instrument, each note was burning in her head as she created each piece. Surrounded by Tania Bochud (Mmmh, ex Sandor), Laure Betris (Kassette, EX, Liquid Horizon), Cyril Bondi (La Tene, Cyril Cyril) and Lauriane Tissot, she finally recorded ten years of work hand in hand with Manuel Oberholzer (Feldermelder, Gibraltar
Vacuum). In Julie’s “Love in Music gives Your Fault” she pays homage to all the people that inspired her music. From these, 8 tracks were born, each with a particular sound which caresses the heart, and delicately placed on vinyl and released in November 2019.

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