Hip-hop R’n’B, Suisse

February 25, 2022
Usine à Gaz

It is clearly from her grandfather, multi-instrumentalist, that Awori gets her strong taste for music. Added to this is her story and ambition. The ambition of fighting through singing to ensure that every woman is convinced that a royal crown shines on her forehead. The ambition of telling Ranavalona’s story, Queen of Madagascar, and an anti-colonial struggle figure, which has always inspired her. Awori is a woman’s tale defending women and supporting all people origins. Finally, it is poetry set into music about harsher realities, such as the constraints experienced by immigrant children and the liberation of colonised Africa. Through a hip hop tinged with R’n’B, Awori presents her first album Ranavalona in duet with the Lyon beatmaker Twani, offering a resolutely contemporary rendering, in which African and electronic sounds are mixed with an atmospheric neo-soul. This year, she is also the Picture My Music competition winner and has been offered a video clip by the talented Swiss director Mei Fa Tan, whose vernissage will sign the festivities beginning at the Usine à Gaz. Atmosphere guaranteed!

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