Reggae, France

February 25, 2022
Salle Communale

On his 18th birthday, the young Frenchman flew to Jamaica to discover the local studios. While there, the Jamaicans appreciated that a little white Frenchman had mastered their music and dialect – a mix between English and Creole – which he perfectly assimilated as he liked their style so much. Later, he discovered the “big American productions” world and developed his own style mixing Reggae and Hip-hop. He recorded his first album On Time (2011), then Good Morning Midnight (2013), Nightbird (2014), 1988 (2017), Sunset Cassette (2020) and St.Soleil (2021). With his band, the artist has performed at numerous European festivals (Solidays, Garance Reggae Festival and Reggae Sun Ska Festival). Biga Ranx’s flow impresses with its fluidity and dynamism on stage… He is said to shine.

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