Dj Kemuel R

Urban House, France

February 26, 2022
L’After (+21 years old)

Dj Kemuel R is a young 25-year-old DJ who started his career in France, in the heart of the festive city of Biarritz. Starting from bar to bar, he continued to evolve in the Basque city nightclubs. Loving to make the audience dance on all music styles, Dj Kemuel R excels with urban, afro and house music. His musical style brings together all generations on the dance floor. In 2020, he leaves Biarritz for Tunisia, mixes there, and thus broaden his musical horizons to open up to new cultures and new public. In 2021, he arrives in Switzerland and pursue his career in Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon. He travels between Tunisia, Switzerland and France to perform numerous shows in these 3 countries. The cement of its musical identity. Today, Nyon has become one of his favourite places to mix, especially at the After Club.