Galaxy Rock, Suisse

February 25, 2022
Fisherman’s Pub

Flarestar is a Galaxy Rock duo based in Nyon, made up of a dynamic partnership between Stef Pasternak and Matt Welling. Stef was The Swab bands’ founding member; Meïan, TFM and Matt the ones for With May and TFM bands. Both multi-instrumentalists, their vision is clear : there would be no defined roles within the band, plus all adventures should be explored. When asked to describe their music, the answer comes “electronic, acoustic, organic, eclectic, a mix between future and a good dose of the past”. Since coming together in 2018, the band has produced an EP, Triptonic, and a video for their first single, Open Road. They are currently working on their second EP to be released in 2022 and the video for the single, Lion in a cage.

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