Hateful Monday

Punk Rock, Suisse

February 26, 2022
Le Cactus

Formed sometime during 1998 in the countryside of Geneva, Switzerland by childhood friends Reverend Seb and Igor Gonzola, HATEFUL MONDAY is one of the longest running swiss punk acts and also one of the most represented worldwide. With over 20 years of career under its belt, playing alongside household names such as Bad Religion, Toy Dolls, NOFX, Hot Water Music, Burning Heads during countless shows across Europe, Japan and North America and with 11 records released, the combo is still proudly carrying the torch of passion for the fast and melodic faction of punk culture. Catchy harmonies, hard pounding drums, shredding guitars and thought-provoking lyrics are the band’s perfect mix to enjoy live, on wax, while skateboarding or just with a nice drink in hand…. Punk is about having a good time and making a difference in this world, right ?

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