Joachim Pastor

Electro, France

February 26, 2022
Salle Communale

Towards infinity and beyond! For Joachim Pastor, music has a timeless vocation: it is not a question of fashions, trends or weekly releases. It takes on its meaning and importance over the course of time. As the French label Hungry Music founder, alongside Worakls and N’TO, with whom he shares melodic techno’s taste and scene, Joachim has always cultivated a personal, hypnotic and racy sound, very easily recognizable. Thanks to his conservatory course, where he studied for more than 10 years, Joachim Pastor developed perfectionism and attention to detail. He loves instruments and experiments with sound through music software. Like a scientist, he takes a few recipes here and there from his inspirations; Daft Punk, Sonata Artica, Jean-Michel Jarre, and adds ingredients offered by software’s. One thing leading to another, these discoveries become the expression of his sensitivity: Joachim turns into a recognized electronic music producer, with a clearly identifiable artistic touch: classical and orchestral in his harmony’s arrangement, precise and direct in his melodies.

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