Electro, Suisse

February 26, 2022
Salle Communale

Mystk, a 20-year-old Swiss artist comes as a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene. With two tracks back-to-back on Bitbird’s highly anticipated Gouldian Finch 4 compilation album – one in collaboration with San Holo, Taska Black, Flaws and Analogue Dear, it’s clear that Mystk has a lot in store.

In addition to having a background in classical piano and drums, the multi-instrumentalist began making beats at a very young age, reaching a dedicated audience by 16. Mystk’s self-released 2018 debut project landed him his first deal, followed by his first show where he opened for the acclaimed French artist ‘Thylacine’ in 2019. Things only further blossomed when he joined San Holo’s trendsetting label ‘Bitbird’ in late 2020 with his fan-favourite single ‘Lost’, accompanied by a melancholic music video.