Tagada Jones

Punk rock alternatif, France

February 24, 2022
Salle Communale

TAGADA JONES is a punk, rock, metal and hardcore’ explosive mix. It is the “Do It Yourself” apostle with its 27 years on the calendar. The pure punk quartet from Rennes has gradually built a solid base while exploring electro, indus and modern rock. Stronger than ever, independence, lack of concessions, political incorrectness, social awareness and “giving pleasure to others” are the key words to define the best Niko, Stef, Waner and Job’s art. The four musicians influence cocktail mixed with the collective unconscious gives birth to an original artistic product branded as with a red-hot iron! … TAGADA JONES is simply the ideal balance between social conscience, incisive claims, sound steamroller, melodies and federative refrains.

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