We can’t believe how delighted we are to announce this beautiful programme… After months of global sound cuts, the whole Hivernales team is enthusiastic to unveil the artists who will warm you up this winter.

It is now the twelfth edition, and we have to say that we are starting to have some very nice memories of this festival. Let’s bet that this year again, the programmed artists will give you emotional moments which will stay in your hearts for a long time.

No one is Innocent, Awori, Tagada Jones, Arnaud Rebotini, Joachim Pastor, La Gale, Pongo, Biga Ranx or Médine are the headliners of an edition already looking memorable. Many other artists, less famous but with an authenticity reminding us of the music roots are to be discovered. Amazing nuggets not to be missed.

All in all, nearly 40 artists will take possession of the 16 venues in Nyon, 12 of which will be free to attend. The festival extends to Gland. The “Village des Hivernales” will once again be animated at the Rue des Marchandise, in front of the Salle Communale. Fire, food, and drink stalls will warmly welcome festivalgoers and volunteers, in all complicity and simplicity.